disposable face mask
3D face mask

Compared with a traditional disposable protective mask, the 3D protective mask has many advantages:

Fearless high-temperature weather, skin breathing is more comfortable:

  • It can absorb sweat from wet skin in the hot wealth to make it evaporate quickly.
  • The sweat resistance, dryness, and water-resistance of the mask are more firm, achieving more protection, and wearing comfort.

3D artificial design, create three-dimensional shape:

  • 3D three-dimensional cutting, conforming to the curve of the human face.
  • High-elasticity ear hook design, long-term wearing without ears, increasing comfort.
  • Create a three-dimensional shape to enhance the protective effect.
disposable 3D face mask

Skin-friendly and comfortable, healthy, and tasteless:

  • Use high-quality raw materials, create a three-dimensional breathing space
  • Comfortable and breathable, healthy and no smell, avoid discomfort caused by long-wearing

There are two types for your choosing:

  • Adult 3D Mask (≥14 years old)
  • Child 3D Mask (3~14 years old)

If you are interested in the 3D mask, please contact us ASAP!