With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the world, there is no absolutely safe place here and there. So, you see everyone walking on the road or shopping mall with masks, which can stop the spread of disease. A mask is personal protective equipment that prevents the wearer from inhaling aerosols (dust, smoke, mist) as well as vapors or gases (disinfectants, anesthetic gases) that are health hazards.

KN95 or N95 face masks are popular. However, how to choose an N95/KN95 face mask? Leko laser is a professional KN95 N95 face mask manufacturer in China, in this post we will share the differences of the KN95 VS N95 face masks. 

The differences between KN95 VS N95 face mask?

 KN95 masks can meet the requirements of China GB2626 standards, and “GB” means China standards. The filtration efficiency for non-oily particles ≥95%.

N95 mask refers to the United States NIOSH certification, and the standard is also non-oily particulate matter filtration efficiency ≥95%.

KN95 N95 face mask manufacturer

Therefore, we can clearly understand that the actual effect of N95 and KN95 is the same, the non-oily particle filtration efficiency≥95%, which is very effective for COVID-19 coronavirus protection.

How long can an N95 or KN95 mask be worn?

Some researchers have done relevant research on the protective efficiency and wearing time of N95/KN95 medical protective masks. The results show that N95/KN95 masks have been maintained for more than 95% of the filtration efficiency for 2 days, and the respiratory resistance has not changed much; the filtration efficiency has been reduced to 94.7% for 3 days.

The advice given by the US CDC is that in the absence of an adequate supply of masks, as long as the device is not significantly soiled or damaged (such as creases or tears), it can be considered for reuse.

When the face masks should be droped?

Masks should be replaced in time if have these problems:

  • The respiratory impedance is significantly increased;
  • Face mask is damaged or damaged;
  • It cannot be tightly attached to the face;
  • The face mask is contaminated (such as when stained with foreign matter such as blood stains or droplets);

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