With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the world, there is no safe place here and there. A mask becomes essential personal protective equipment that prevents the wearer from inhaling aerosols (dust, smoke, mist) as well as vapors or gases (disinfectants, anesthetic gases) that are health hazards.

The KN95 mask meets the requirement of China’s GB2626 standard, and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particulate matter≥95%, which can block virus invasion through your mouth or nose. KN95 is the best choice for everyone.

KN95 masks are popular all over the world so that their demand is rising rapidly. And they should be replaced in a period. Therefore, there must be a production line in local.

The production process of KN95 mask machine as following:

  • Embossing and cutting on material: three layers of non-woven fabrics, one layer of velvet cloth, knurled cutting, installed the nose bridge bars and formed samples
  • Ultrasonic welding ear wire: manual single-point welding ear wire, four welding points for a mask, it takes about 6s to complete the ear wire welding work of a mask.
  • Edge banding, folding and forming: the pressing of the two parts on the right side after opening.
Semi Automatic KN95 Face Mask Production Line

Our company can provide a complete semi-automatic KN95 face mask production line, with professional technical guidance. At the same time, we will send engineers to install and debug the production line and demonstrate the production process.

We also can provide raw materials, such as non-woven, melt-woven, hot air cotton, etc. It is very convenient for you!